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Enrich your conversations. Enjoy the sounds.

Soundrs offers unique features to full your conversations with the perfect sounds


Search for THE sound

You will find hundred of options to express your mood, feelings and thought with sounds. Just try to look for “mama” and see what you get.


Discover the trending sounds

The most popular sounds of the moment, around the world, ready to be shared. Your sound can be up there, seen by everyone.


Share with family and friends

Share every sound with friends in Whatsapp, Messenger and other communication apps. Your conversations will never be the same.


Create your own way

Easy and quick, record and upload your own sounds and let everybody enjoy them with you. Make that sound you love available for everyone.

What can Soundrs do?

The sound recorder allows you to catch that effect you love and use the sound editor to select only the best moments.
Add some of our extensive collection of sounds in your conversations. Get many cult audios as notification tone.

Soundrs is where virality starts. Cheer up your groups with your favorite sounds.

With a full dynamic design

I have put a lot of effort into creating a clean, easy-to-use, colorful design that will make you never be tired of the app.

Download Soundrs Free Today!

Soundrs is now available for Android and iOS. It’s simply Soundrstico!!

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