After publishing on Product Hunt I just hung my wet underwear

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It’s official. Soundrs is now in production. Soundrs is now public. Soundrs can be downloaded by anybody with an Android device or an iPhone.

But there is no champagne going through my throat right now. Life continue and my washing machine finished to wash for today. So it’s time to enjoy this exciting time hanging some t-shirts and underwear.

The beta time

The last months I have been working in Soundrs as much as I could. While in beta time, I had the security that errors in the app where happening to a small amount of person. That makes you sleep a bit better every night. But the app is made to reach thousands of people, and that cannot happen in a comfortable place. The comfort zone.

So working to fix all this errors and provide a final version, maybe ugly but totally functional was my goal.

What’s next

Well, I have plenty of ideas to implement in the app. But I will take it easy. Now I want to concentrate in two branches:

Soundrs almost everywhere: My final goal is to have easy access to all the sounds that Soundrs provide from many sources. That’s why I’m working in some bots and apps for Telegram, Messenger, Slack and a few more, so everybody can use the sounds to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues. This will be arriving during this year. I will write more on the topic soon.  

Get more users: I won’t be happy until I get more users. That maybe means that I will need to spend more time writing online about Soundrs (in a sane way, no spam), or analysing what can be interesting to add in the mobile apps and implement it. That’s why now is so important to listen what people want to say about the app.

Lot of love