Launching the blog

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Dearest people, 

if you give me 2 minutes I would like to tell you a story. It’s the story of what is Soundrs and how I get the idea to create it.

The first idea

About a year ago I had an idea for an app in mind. You know how it is. I was complete in love with this idea for a while. I imagine myself out there talking about the app to possible users and getting all kind of recognitions. Yeah, I’m a dreamer. But after a few days of fantasies I started to work on the idea. I took some time to plan the app and I started to code. It’s related to maps and I’m still working on it. I will tell you more about it in a future post in my Medium account. But while developing this app I thought it would be fun if people could post emojis, gifs and little sounds in their messages and comments.

I personally love to express myself in several ways when I write my friends and family, that’s why I use a lot of emojis and a lot of gifs. And when as a developer I don’t have a reference of what to add in a new app and it has no users yet, I normally follow the rule to build something I would love to use.

I started to look for sources where I could find all those things to integrate them in the app. It’s very easy to find emojis. And it’s also easy to find and allow users to add gifs in their messages. But I couldn’t find a service that allow me to show short sounds to users so they can use them in their messages. Far from forgetting about that, I started to think. What if I also wanted to add advertising in the form of small sounds? There was nothing that allowed me to get those sounds. There was no service that let me show short sounds ads. So after having this in mind for a few days I decided to do it myself, and see how it came out. I had nothing to lose at that moment.

The project

I spent the next few months building during my free time on weekends an app that I would like to use. Dynamic, full of colors and with plenty of funny sounds, but also private, without too many social components and secure. After several months I had an Android version, but it was still far from being a beta version, so I divided my time even more and started to build also the app for iOS. Because iPhone should also have Soundrs available. The next months were a bit stressful. I was developing for both platforms and nothing looked like working at all. It crossed my mind to leave it, at least for a while. But I didn’t give up. I guess everybody have a mad week, right? 

Then October came and I finally felt that both applications were balanced. Maybe not totally ready, but just enough so I could say that I had a beta version on both platforms. 

Projects are done to be released

My plan was to slowly start testing the application in different scenarios and situations. So I talked with some friends and family about Soundrs, and how the app allows you to upload and share short sounds of less than ten seconds with your contacts on Whatsapp or Facebook Message. I got some pretty positive feedback.

In the end it was only about ten people who kept an eye on the app, but it was something that filled me with emotion and happiness. I walked on a cloud for days thanks to these friends and family.

I spent several more weeks preparing Soundrs for a slightly larger audience. I also took a while to prepare a simple website to be able to reach people more easily.

And finally, when the day came I didn’t even know what to do. I started talking about the app to a few more people and trying to not keep it as secret, as I had done until that moment. This was probably the hardest thing to achieve as I am by nature quite introverted and silent.

The adventure is just starting

And this is, broadly speaking, the story that has brought me to this point.

Today I’m releasing the Soundrs’ blog. Here I will try to write some more reflections and stories about the development of the app, the marketing process and the progress I’m making in achieving the goal I’ve set for myself. And this is none other than getting 100.000 daily active users and more than 1 million sounds. It seems like an easy goal in a hyper-connected world like this one we live in, but it doesn’t seem easy at all for me.

If you want to follow the adventures of Soundrs, don’t forget to read me in this blog or in my medium profile and other social networks. Every article I publish here will be available in Medium within a few weeks.

You would also help me a lot if you take a look at Soundrs and leave me your thoughts about the app.

I won’t publish often, so feel free to follow me on your favorite RSS application and you’ll see how every once in a while you’ll rejoice the day with a new post with a lot of information about my race to reach my goals.     

A big hug.