New release and some data

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Hello there.

After several months (more than I would have liked), a new minor version of Soundrs was release this week. So, taking advantage of this event, I want to make a general review of the current state of implementation

What’s new

With this new version, among other things, I had to increase the minimum supported version. Therefore, some users will lose support and will not be able to receive the new versions from now on. About 20 users are affected. I would apologize to all of them one by one if I could. (I don’t know who they are, so I cannot not send them a box of chocolates)

In this version I have also finished implementing the sound reports. Now, a user can report a sound and explain why it is reported. If a sound receives a lot of reports I’ll be able to know why, what comment the users that have reported and I’ll be able to take action on the matter.  

I have also added in the login menu and in the user menu a section so that you can give me some feedback. Write me what you want to see new in the application, something you don’t like, errors you have found. I will read all the messages and work on your suggestions as soon as possible. 

I also changed the application icon a bit to make it stand out more in your application drawer. The design is the same, I simply removed a layer of whitish gradient that was removing a lot of color. 

With the release in a few months of the new versions of Android (10) and iOS (13), I had to adapt the application to work in the new versions of the operating systems. Now you can use Sounds in the new versions with complete confidence.

I’ve also fixed some bugs I found during the process of creating new functions. Those fixes have made the application more reliable and faster than ever.


It’s been a few days since these new versions were released, but I wanted to share some current data from the apps.

Before reading the data, keep in mind that the only marketing I do of this apps are these posts that I write every few weeks. So don’t expect millions of daily users.  

In total, the platform has 488 registered users and a total of 574 sounds have been uploaded to the platform. Remember that the app can be used without being registered, but only the registered users can upload sounds.

In Android the application has more than 1000 installations and there is an average of 12 active users a day. Most of them coming from Russia. 

In iOS the application has about 650 installations, much less than in Android. And the average active users go down to 5 per day.  

Are they bad number? Yes. Am I worried about them? No at all, for several reasons. 

The users have talked. I know what they need. I know what they want from the platform, and it’s normal that, if they don’t see it they leave the platform, or don’t use it frequently. 

I’m now in a phase of bringing to the platform all those things that they asked for and many more. And I know that, with the proper features and the proper marketing, the number will improve. That’s the goal.

I just want to remind you that I’m doing this all alone and that I’m not monetizing the application. So the patience and the effort will bear fruit. I’m sure of that.

Next version

I don’t want to take so long to release a new version, so I’ve decided that I’ll use shorter development cycles, to be able to release a new version at least once a month, maximum once every two months

In the current cycle that I’ve started this week I’ll focus on lightening some of the load when testing the application. The automatic tests will make it easier for me to deliver applications that work perfectly without days of testing. 

I also want to improve some internal parts of the code a little bit so that I can easily add new features in that parts in the next cycles. 

Also, and thinking a lot about the users who depend on the accessibility elements of the device, I want to make improvements to the accessibility part of the applications, because #AccesibilityMatters and I want that everybody, in any condition, could use the app and share the sound.


So those are some data and plans for the near future. Now all that’s left for me to do is to continue working and sharing the experiences. But if you think that you have something to say about the app, this number or the plans, just share this post in social media with your thoughts or write me to

Thanks for read. 

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