Reducing Soundrs

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Hello everybody.

Soundrs has been a project that have occupied most of my time in the last two years. With a lot of dreams I have been improving the app and adding sounds. There were also a lot of plans in the pipeline to improve even more the app. But during the last months other projects and changes in my live have made that Soundrs passed to occupy a less important place in my agenda.

The app is not dying complete today, and it will remain active for all of you who have it downloaded. But since today, the app will be removed from the Apple’s App Store. It will continue being available in Google’s Play Store, but won’t be new updates in the next months.

Life changes a lot from one second to another, so I don’t discard any possible future for the app. If you love it, I will feel really happy if you send me some comments and share with me the sound that better describe how have you taken this news.