Soundrs slowly continues

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Hello there.

I know, I know. Have passed almost three months since the last release. And you may be thinking that I got bored of the project and I abandoned it. It would be a typical attitude of many makers (including me), but nothing is further from reality. I’m still working in Soundrs in the little time left by my busy adult life and I’m still motivated and with plenty of ideas for the app. So I will be here thinking, developing, maintaining and releasing for a while.  

I just wanted to pause a little bit the development today and write a short post (hopefully longer than a tweet) to communicated a few things:

  • I am ending with the last features for the next release. It is a minor version release full of bug fixes and with some small improvements. The final goal of this version is to gain some stability to be able to grow the app without major problems. It will be available during the next month (July ‘19) for both Android and iOS.
  • Slow, really slowly, but the app continues growing thanks to you. I’m really happy to write that a small milestone have been passed and there are already more than 500 sounds in the app. Most of them in english, but also a few of them in french, russian and spanish. Let’s convert this app all together in the biggest short sounds database!!

Said that, I want to stop also to thank you all very much for all the support I have received during these months. With it continue every weekend is much easier.

Don’t miss the next updates because I’m preparing really exciting features to make another big release with the version 2 at the end of this year.

Listen you soon